History of Mazon

Our Village is located on U.S. Route 47, nine miles South of Interstate 80 and nine miles North of Interstate 55.  The Village is currently registered by the State of Illinois as the center of Population in the State of Illinois.

Our Village was established in 1876 under a government land grant.  Mazon's early history was very important for the area's growth with the Chicago-Bloomington Trail.  Travelers would stay at the Halfway House prior to the development of the Illinois Michigan Canal.  Today, Mazon has a population of 1,100 people.  The Village has several small subdivisions to attract additional growth.

The 'Mazon Register' was founded in 1892 by Mr. Walter Dunlap.  It was a weekly Journal with a circulation of about one thousand subscribers.  Mazon also had a weekly Trade Journal, 'Merchantile Co-Operator' established in 1913.

The Grundy County Agricultural District Fair was established on the 15th day of August in 1906.  It established a race track known as 'The Mazon Speed Bowl' and was a major racing facility well known throughout the State for many years.  The Grundy County Fair and the 4-H Fair Program continued in Mazon until 1971.  At that time, the Fairs were moved to a large area North of Morris, Illinois.

Mazon Village hosts Mazon-Verona Kinsman Grade School and Middle School.  We are affiliated with the Seneca High School for our High-School students.  These schools are all very highly rated for their academic achievements with dedicated teachers.

Mazon has a wonderful Community Park with a lighted Ball Park that serves our Community and the surrounding schools.  The Park contains two shelters, an open grassy area, and playground equipment all surrounded by a well-maintained walking path.  The Grundy County Housing Authority has established a Senior-Citizen Housing Facility right next to the Community Park for their entertainment and enjoyment.

The Village is blessed with an active Police Department, Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Ambulance District, the Mazon-Verona-Kinsman EMA and the Mazon Fire Department.  All of these Organization perform high-quality services and we feel blessed and 'Thankful' to have them.

Since 1996 we have developed a Commercial Park to attract industry and increase our tax base.  We have attracted light clean industrial companies which help provide jobs for our local citizens.

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Seneca High School

Phone: 815-357-5000
Address: 307 East Scott Street, Seneca, IL 61360

Park Street United Church-Christ

Phone: 815-448-5514
Address: 806 Park St, Mazon, IL 60444

Mazon Verona Kinsman Schools

Phone: 815-448-2200
Address: 1013 North Street, Mazon, IL 60444

Mazon United Methodist

Phone: 815-448-5677
Address: 509 7th Street, Mazon, IL

Mazon Baptist Church

Phone: 815-448-5545
Address: 708 7th St, Mazon, IL 60444

Joliet Junior College

Phone: 815-729-9020
Address: 1215 Houbolt Road, Joliet IL, 60431

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